"I have worked with Shenia for several years and she has a wonderful ability to connect with others and relate complex business principles in a practical way. She is very insightful and can spot issues that can improve an organization or project quickly. Working with Shenia is always a pleasure and a wonderful learning experience. She is a great team player, team builder and team leader. I would highly encourage anyone to take advantage of her skills!"
                                         - Tim Buchannon
                                        Timotheos Inc., President

"I had the good fortune to work with Shenia. She is a knowledgeable, results-driven professional that provided a balanced view of operational impact and end-customer impact to the initiatives we worked on together. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with Shenia in the future and would be honored to act as a reference."
                                          - Holly C. Hilts
                                                            SVP Global Risk Management, Wells Fargo

"Shenia is always a pleasure to work with, she provides great service to her customers, has great attention to detail, and her follow through is impeccable. She always shows great dedication to her job, friends, and family. I am please to consider her a colleague and friend."
                                       - Dave Valentine
                                      Performance & Development Manager, Kroger

"I was very fortunate to have Shenia as an instructor for my Leadership coursework. She is not only an excellent instructor, but an excellent facilitator of thought provoking conversation among all who were in attendance. Shenia has a thorough knowledge of leadership principles, and demonstrates great poise in, and out of, the classroom. I would recommend her very highly."
                                             - Angela Tallman
                                             Director & Executive Consultant, Leadership Pipeline Institute

"Shenia has not only helped me to develop my business, but has done so with an approach that has gained my friendship. Her attitude is refreshing, in a business world where many people are "me first."
                                         - Kevin Schembri
                                         Helping Companies Travel Better

"I have had the opportunity to observe Shenia facilitate training programs in the past and I can personally attest to her skill and ability to deliver a professional and engaging experience for participants."
                                                               - Sean Stallard
                                                 Customer 1st Enterprise Specialist, Kroger

"Ms. Ivey's students write that they learn in her classes and are able to immediately apply the concepts they learn on leadership in the business environment. They appreciate her feedback and ability to grow in the area of leadership. Ms. Ivey facilitates our classroom and online students. Beginning last year, she co-facilitates a weekly intensive on leadership in management; this course draws the largest enrollment of the courses offered."
                                                              - Betty Whitesell
                                                                           Director of Leadership & Organizational Studies

"I have had the pleasure of both working with and actually having been a student of Shenia's. In both situations Shenia was professional and extremely helpful. In class Shenia was a great presenter and showed a great enthusiasm for the subject. I was able to learn a great deal from this course and she made me feel like I could ask her anything.
I would love the chance to take another class with her."
                                             - Regina Rivera
                                           Administrative Manager for the School of Management
                                                                                             in the College for Professional Studies at Regis University

"Shenia has excellent, managerial, and professional skills that clearly separates her as a top performer. Shenia was instrumental in providing a high level of customer service to our customers and was an outstanding business partner in employees professional growth. Her contributions while we worked together helped to ensure the success of our organizational goals and overall strategies."
                                               - D'anthony Tillery
                                                                    Vice President Talent Acquisition & Deployment


“I enjoyed working with Shenia during enrollment projects with the King Soopers manangment training program.”
                                          - Chad Logan
                                                            Academic Advising l Student Recruitment l Administrative Services